• annotate_models - Automatically generates attributes as comments at the top of files to see what attributes are in models, fixture files, specs, factories, and more. Example:

    # == Schema Info
    # Table name: line_items
    #  id                  :integer(11)    not null, primary key
    #  quantity            :integer(11)    not null
    #  product_id          :integer(11)    not null
    #  unit_price          :float
    #  order_id            :integer(11)
     class LineItem < ActiveRecord::Base
       belongs_to :product
    # ...


  • strong_migrations - Detect potentially dangerous migrations and prevent them from running by default, along with instructions on safer ways to do what you want.

  • native_enum and activerecord-postgres_enum for backing Rails enums (which are application-only) by database enums, so people looking at the database can actually understand what all those integer values actually mean.

View Helpers

Rails already provides a ton of view helpers (e.g. number_to_currency), they're listed here.

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